Psychedelic Rock

October 2019

I was already making this playlist but today I heard of the passing of Ginger Baker, sad but the most appropriate playlist for this month. Enjoy psychedelic rock from all over the world, old school and modern.


Our Very Own Western

September 2019

This is the soundtrack to our very own western. Storytelling, dry heat, whiskey, adventures, guitars and show downs these tracks do it all. Welcome to outlaw country and don’t get lost in the desert

(This site will no longer let me embed the playlist)


Covers and Originals

May 2019

After many travels all around the world I have finally sat down and compiled a new playlist! I absolutely love a good cover song. They say imitation is the highest form of flattery.


Heavier, Louder, Harder

January 2019

This is a playlist for those that enjoy things a little louder. Definitely an acquired taste if brutal isn’t something you like in your music better skip this one. For those that do enjoy, head bang and punch something ;)


Complicated Love

December 2018 Mix 2

We all experience heartache at one time or another. Sometimes it’s why some may find themselves here… To listen to in the bathtub, near a fire or with a glass of something stiff, preferably all three. Melancholia is here to do her dance and stroke your back.


Altered States

December 2018

One doesn’t need to be intoxicated to enjoy this playlist but it doesn’t hurt. Whether you’re sober or not these songs will take you on a little trip


Something Wicked Comes This Way (Halloween Mix)

October 2018

Something creepy, something scary and something silly

Summer’s Last Gasp

September 2018

Summer’s ending; before we start to mourn her let’s listen to her final moans

Whisper In My Ear and Grip Harder

August 2018

You may have caught on that I really enjoy music so I've decided to make monthly playlists. I have pretty eclectic taste so be ready for a lot of variety. For the first one it only felt appropriate to list songs I enjoy getting sweaty to. Enjoy this playlist and think of me moving toward you, and with you, while you groove to the sensuous, dark, and provocative melodies. I would love to listen, together, soon...