When was the last time your knees got weak,
your face flush and your heart started pumping just a little bit faster?


My name is Arabelle and I wanna make you melt.

Anticipate the warmth of my breath on your cheek, the electricity conducted between us as I trace you with my fingertips... It's my desire to craft a calming space for your carnal exploration. I long to look deep into your eyes and create a genuine intimacy. I find that the longer we spend together, the more we are able to surrender to our desires within a nuanced connection that builds and layers as our time together goes on.

Like a 2003 Latour Bordeaux, I have a "palate caressing texture of liquid velvet" and am a well-balanced blend of three varietals - French, Persian and a nice Jewish girl to boot. (Oui, je parle français!). I'm told that my background shows in my luscious, dark hair, pouty lips and exotic eyes. I am lithe and slender yet still possess the perfect, pillowy curves.

Let's move together, slow and sweet like honey.

You are a compassionate person in need of intimacy and pleasure without the trappings of an antiquated dating ritual. You are tired of holding back your passion and you need someone who can match it.The world expects so much from you! It brings me pleasure to invite you to be a guest in my world of playful fun and feminine beauty. I'm endlessly curious, and I want to learn what excites and interests you in your life as well as the spot on your body that I touch and it drives you wild.

Come get lost with me...