Washington DC Date Ideas

Tattooed GFE Companion Washington DC

When most people think of DC, politics, government, legalese, history, and bureaucracy immediately come to mind. It’s part and parcel when thinking about the capital city of the US, after all.

What most don’t realize is that Washington DC has amazing food, art, and music scenes just waiting to be discovered. DC has museums to cover just about every interest, from the most common to the most niche.

Below are a few suggestions to get you started. Want a custom experience curated just for the two of us? Drop me an email!

If you’re interested in any of these date ideas, plan to spend at least four hours together with six-eight hours allowing us to thoroughly enjoy one anthers’ company!


The Sounds of The Capital


DC is turning into a Music City

Since 2013, over two dozen new music venues have opened all around DC. All of this newness can certainly leave one overwhelmed when trying to figure out an evening. From an evening featuring the nation’s symphony orchestra to a night revolving around jazz, here are suggestions to fuel an auditory adventure!

An Evening with the National Symphony Orchestra: Founded in 1931, the National Symphony Orchestra has been playing at The Kennedy Center since 1971. Ninety-six members play around 150 concerts throughout the year, not including community outreach concerts. From classical movements to pop-favorites, the Orchestra has something for everyone!

Alice’s Jazz and Cultural Society: Alice’s is a community-minded, homey venue where the snack bar consists of canned sodas on a piano bench. The club is intimate, the bandstand low and close, and the crowd is warm and welcoming.

Atlas Brew Works: Looking to get hard and heavy? Atlas Brew Works hosts some of DC’s best metal shows on top of having great beer and being DC’s only solar-powered brewery.

Visual History Lessons


Multiple facets of history depicted visually

If it’s one thing that DC’s got, it’s museums. Most people are already familiar with the Smithsonian Institution and it’s plethora of museums ranging from art, astronomy, natural history, aeronautics, nature, and beyond.

If you take a peek beyond the National Mall, you’ll see that DC has so much more to offer. From manicured gardens to historic mansions, DC has museums that will touch even some of the most niche interests.

International Spy Museum: Let’s channel our own inner secret agents and learn what it takes to be a spy! Learning about encryption, communicating secret information, and keeping important information safe. The museum also hosts talks by international espionage experts.

Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden: I love modern art, and the Hirshhorn is a must-see. Once host to Yoko Ono and Ai Weiwei, the museum acquires new works frequently and has several long-running exhibitions.

National Museum of African American History and Culture: Opened in 2016, this museum is lined wall to wall with music, sports, and pop-culture memorabilia that’s juxtaposed with powerful reminders of slavery and the not-so-distant Civil Rights Movement.

Unctuous Over & Undertones


The way to my heart is (still) through my stomach

My love of food extends beyond any one city, and I have lots of favorite restaurants throughout the country (and world)! DC is absolutely no different, and here are a few suggestions, including one of my favorites!

Bresca: With one Michelin Star, the team at Bresca are certainly doing something right! This casual fine-dining restaurant believes that freshness is paramount, and that change is good for the soul. Their menu is updated and rotates frequently, so be prepared!

Rooster & Owl: There’s a mandatory 4-course tasting menu, but its build-your-own and meant to be shared! Chef Yuan Tang melds Southeast Asian, Italian, and Middle Eastern flavors in unique and delicious ways.

Minibar/Barmini: Minibar’s got two Michelin Stars behind it, so getting a reservation here requires tickets. The food is avant-garde, combining art and science to create a dining experience that’s unlike any other. Barmini is the adjacent bar, which combines classic cocktails with not-so-classic preparations. With over 100 drinks on the menu, there’s something for everyone! There’s also an option to let the bar staff curate a custom cocktail flight, should we be feeling adventurous. Reservations are a must at the bar, as well.

Ready to take on the nation’s capital?