New York City Date Ideas

Tattooed Luxury GFE Companion

New York is one of those places that’s near and dear to me. The bustle and energy of people, the raw gritty atmosphere that stands in opposition to the sheer opulence that’s behind private gates. New York has been an epicenter for so many music movements that I can’t even begin to count them all, and so many songs have been written about the place that you’d go crazy trying to collect them all.

To those unacquainted, New York can be overwhelming. There’s so much to do, see, drink, and eat! Even if you are familiar with New York, why not let a professional traveler, Michelin-Star collector, and art aficionado curate a getaway?

Below are a few places to get started. Want me to create a custom concrete jungle expedition just for the two of us? Drop me an email!

If you’re interested in any of these date ideas, plan to spend at least four hours together with six-eight hours allowing us to thoroughly enjoy one anothers’ company!


Auditory Explorations


Are you a music lover, like me?

Let’s plan an evening around it! I’m a true lover of music, and you can see how diverse my tastes are just by heading over to my playlist posts. We can take in a show at any number of venues, but depending on your musical inclinations, some venues should definitely be noted.

Rough Trade-Brooklyn: Want to get in some record shopping and catch a show while we’re at it? Rough Trade is the place. The venue is small and intimate, and known for hosting independent artists of all genres.

The Apollo Theater: A historic, iconic venue, seeing a show at The Apollo is absolutely on my bucket list. Performing here could make or break a career, and greats like Ella Fitzgerald, James Brown, and Jimi Hendrix have all graced the stage.

Bar LunÀtico: Want to wing it and see what happens? One of the best places to simply catch a show is at Bar LunÀtico in Brooklyn. From jazz to rock with a Sunday Gospel Brunch, we’re sure to find something to pique our interests!

Visual Introductions


Through the eyes of the artist

According to some estimations, New York has over 1,500 galleries, not including museums like The Met, The Brooklyn Museum, or the Guggenheim.

Don’t get me wrong; The Met is historic, the Guggenheim is dizzying, and The Brooklyn Museum has amazing installations; I’d be thrilled to show you around any of these places!

If I’m honest though, my favorite places to see art aren’t major museums. New York’s galleries house some of the world’s most interesting, talented artists that most of us have never heard of.

From Gavin Brown’s Enterprise in Harlem to 47 Canal in the Lower East Side, let’s take an afternoon and explore Manhattan through the lens of contemporary art.

A warning though- we may wind our way through Chelsea and wind up in Brooklyn, so be ready to explore New York thoroughly!

Gustatory Gratification


The way to my heart is through my stomach

I love food. Food encompasses all of the senses simultaneously and an amazing meal is nothing short of art.

The sensuality of food and sharing a meal are oftentimes overlooked in everyday life; food is often more a necessity than a pleasure, and American culture loves to moralize food and assign certain foods as “good”, “bad”, or reserved for cheat days.

I’m always open to checking out the most recent Michelin-star recipient with you, but I also have some favorites, which all happen to be in Brooklyn.

Ume is a gorgeously simplistic sushi restaurant that’s reminiscent of the highway restaurants and home of it’s founder. Roberta’s is probably some of the best pizza I’ve ever eaten; we’ll order a few things off-menu too. We should get there early, or else we’ll be waiting. Zenkichi is a modern Japanese brasserie done in a style very popular among Tokyo residents. Booths are all semi-private and plates are meant to be shared, but the omakase (chef’s tasting) menu is where it’s at.

Let’s explore New York together!